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Sample Inspection Report

Below is a sample of a typical home inspection report.  The written report is compiled at the home, discussed by the inspector and buyer at the end of the inspection,  completed for our clients, and delivered to them by the end of the inspection day.  Just as each home is different, so too is each inspection report.  Reports will vary based on the home's size, style, type, age, number of rooms, mechanical components, and unique characteristics.  Although not in this report, some inspection reports will have videos embedded in them.  If you have the full version of Adobe Reader downloaded on your computer (not the preview version), you can click on the pictures in the report to make them larger.  Please use this sample report as a starting point to get an idea of the typical scope of a home inspection and the areas that are (and are not) covered.  Additionally, a complete list of items that are covered will be noted in the pre-inspection agreement.  This agreement covers, in detail, all items that will be assessed, those that are not inspected, and any other limitations of the inspection. Finally, Katz Family Home Inspection follows the InterNACHI Standards of Practice as the framework of our home inspections.  A copy of the standards of practice can be found at


We hope that the sample report is helpful and give you a better idea of what is covered in a home inspection.  Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or if there are areas that you need more information about.  Our e-mail address is and our phone number is 952-239-1053.

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